Advantages And Uses Of Black Steel Pipe

Advantages And Uses Of Black Steel Pipe

1. Definition of black steel pipe

Black steel pipe is steel that is not galvanized. Its color is caused by iron oxide on the surface. Sometimes it is called black iron pipe. The black steel pipe can be a seamless carbon steel pipe or a welded steel pipe without any treatment.

Black Steel Pipe

2. The advantages of black steel pipe

When the steel pipe is forged, a black oxide scale will form on its surface, giving it the finish of this type of steel pipe. Because steel is susceptible to rust and corrosion, the factory is also coated with protective oil. Those black steels are used to make pipes, which will not rust for a long time and require very little maintenance. It is sold as a standard 21-foot long TBE.

3. The purpose of black steel pipe

In natural gas transportation, black pipes are very durable, but are prone to corrosion. It is suitable for low-pressure, low-calorie water pipes, otherwise they will corrode quickly. The strength of black steel pipe makes it an ideal pipe for transporting water and natural gas, protecting electric wires, and transporting high-pressure steam and air in rural and urban areas. The petroleum and petroleum industries use black steel pipes to transport large amounts of oil through remote areas. Because black steel pipe requires very little maintenance. Other uses of black steel pipes include gas distribution inside and outside the home, water wells and sewage systems. Black steel pipes are never used to transport drinking water.

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