Definition And Impact Temperature Of Cryogenic Pipe

Definition And Impact Temperature Of Cryogenic Pipe

1. Definition of cryogenic pipe

Cryogenic pipes are suitable for -45℃~-195℃ low temperature pressure vessel pipes and seamless steel pipes for low temperature heat exchanger pipes.

Product specifications: 8-1240×1-200mm<1/8”—48”×SCH5S—SCH160, STD, XS, XXS>

Cryogenic Pipe

Product material: 16MnDG, 10MnDG, 09DG, 09Mn2VDG, 06Ni3MoDG,

ASTM A333-Grade1, Grade3, Grade4, Grade6, Grade7, Grade8, Grade9, Grade10, Grade11.

2. Impact temperature of cryogenic pipe

levelMinimum impact test temperature
A333 Grade1-50-45
A333 Grade3-150-100
A333 Grade4-150-100
A333 Grade6-50-45
A333 Grade7-100-75
A333 Grade8-320-195
A333 Grade9-100-75
A333 Grade10-75-60
A333 Grade11

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