Types And Advantages Of Aluminum Cylinder Pipe

Types And Advantages Of Aluminum Cylinder Pipe

1. Types of aluminum cylinder pipe

 ①Single-acting cylinder: There is a piston rod at only one end. The air is supplied from the side of the piston to gather energy to generate air pressure. The air pressure pushes the piston to generate thrust and extends, and it returns by spring or its own weight. ②Double-acting cylinder: Air is supplied alternately from both sides of the piston to output force in one or two directions. ③Diaphragm cylinder: replace the piston with a diaphragm, output force in only one direction, and return with a spring. Its sealing performance is good, but the stroke is short. ④ Impact cylinder: This is a new type of component. It converts the pressure energy of the compressed gas into the kinetic energy of the piston’s high-speed (10-20 m/s) movement to perform work. ⑤ Rodless aluminum cylinder pipe: the general term for a cylinder without a piston rod. There are two types of magnetic cylinders and cable cylinders. The reciprocating aluminum profile cylinder pipe is called a swing cylinder. The inner cavity is divided into two by vanes, and air is alternately supplied to the two cavities. The output shaft makes a swing motion, and the swing angle is less than 280°. In addition, there are rotary cylinders, gas-liquid damping cylinders and stepping cylinders.

Cylinder Pipe

2. Working principle of aluminum cylinder pipe

Determine the thrust and pull force on the piston rod according to the force required for the work. Therefore, when selecting the aluminum cylinder pipe, the output force of the cylinder should have a little margin. If the cylinder diameter is selected small, the output force is not enough, and the cylinder cannot work normally; but the cylinder diameter is too large, not only makes the equipment bulky and high cost, but also increases the gas consumption, resulting in energy waste. When designing the fixture, a force booster should be used as much as possible to reduce the size of the cylinder.

3. Advantages of aluminum cylinder pipe:

(1) Aluminum profile cylinder pipe has a very small aluminum density, 2.7g/cm, which is only 35% of steel. This makes the container easy to achieve lightweight. A dense aluminum oxide film is naturally formed on the surface of aluminum. This colorless film can prevent further oxidation.

(2) Aluminum is non-toxic and tasteless, and meets the hygienic standards of packaged food.

(3) The aluminum surface has high gloss, easy to color, and good printing effect.

(4) The opening performance of the easy-opening cover made of aluminum for the aluminum cylinder pipe is better than the easy-opening cover of the tin-plated plate.

(5) Aluminum has excellent light and heat reflection and conduction properties, which can improve the effect of heat sterilization and low-temperature processing of food cans.

(6) The mechanical properties of aluminum can remain unchanged at low temperatures, which is especially suitable for packaging frozen foods.

(7) The composite film made of aluminum foil is completely airtight and opaque, and can effectively protect the food inside. Aluminum foil can also increase the strength of the aluminum-plastic composite film.

(8) Waste materials can be recycled and reused, which not only saves energy consumption but also prevents pollution caused by waste, and meets environmental protection requirements.

(9) Aluminum profile, cylinder pipe aluminum profile, exquisite appearance and good plasticity;

(10) The aluminum alloy profile is strong enough. In terms of thickness, the thickness of Changsui CAN’s PDU aluminum profile is 1.7mm, so that it will not be deformed if it is made very long. It can be made at will, 1.6 meters, 1.8 meters or longer specifications , Very flexible;

(11) The material factor of the aluminum profile has achieved its high-level fire-proof and explosion-proof performance;

(12) Aluminum profile is one of the less easily oxidized components among the metal components and has a long service life.

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